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tmcore : business services


Local Authorities using our online search hub ensure the most effective and efficient return of searches to the end client.

: tmcore

tmcore is an online property data hub which helps local authorities and other search providers streamline operations, save time and reduce costs.

Since we were granted the first NLIS licence in 2000, we've developed an excellent understanding of the needs and issues faced by land charges departments at local authorities. In 2009, we set about creating tmcore, which harnesses our experience and technology for the benefit of the property transaction.

Since then we have linked thousands of conveyancers to all 348 local authorities, enabling them to get official searches delivered direct to their desktops, without incurring unnecessary fees or being bound by complicated systems.

Local Authority land charges departments can take advantage of our technology to add advanced features to their own websites. For example, several authorities use our LA Look Up tool on their website, allowing visitors to quickly and easily identify contact details for the correct authority for any property in England or Wales.

tmcore is also used extensively by more than 30 search companies providing over 12,000 searches a month, from local searches to drainage and water, chancel, environmental and more.

: mapping microsite

Mapping Microsite

Our innovative online mapping services are intuitive to use and packed with features that make life easier for your client. Using our mapping microsite you can provide the following services to your customers:

  • Data layers
    Overlay mapping data layers including aerial imagery and local authority boundaries.
  • Automatic boundary outlining
    When you locate a property as part of your case creation, either by entering an address or by positioning a red dot on the map, we'll present a boundary outline for you automatically, sourced from the Land Registry.
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  • Mobile friendly
    Our tools are easy to use on mobile devices and are compatible with all web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE8 onwards).

: case study

A local authority in London has saved time and money switching from paper-based search documents to tmcore's online system.

Before switching to tmcore:

Prior to the switch, the process was inefficient and expensive. It took on average 40 days to return searches – one of the lengthiest turnarounds in the country – and incurred thousands of pounds in annual postage costs. Manual processing was labour intensive, from printing and scanning documents to mailing, with staff shortages prolonging on the already time-heavy procedure.

Benefits of moving to tmcore:

After switching to an online process, the local authority enjoyed significant cost savings thanks to a decrease in postage and paper costs plus fewer staff hours. Able to achieve a highly efficient workflow with fewer staff, the department reduced the time of its search turnaround from 40 days to just 17.


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