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tmconnect : property collaboration

4 Days

Our online forms facility saves your customers time printing out, filling in and posting back hard copy forms saving an average of 4 days on a transaction

: tmconnect

tmconnect is a powerful, secure and customisable solution allowing multiple parties to access and share one view of a transaction. The buying and selling process can be a fraught and stressful experience for all parties; lenders are worried about mortgage fraud, estate agents are anxious for completion day and conveyancers have a multitude of pressures to manage. tmconnect provides a joined-up work flow, ensuring all parties are informed and aware at every step.

As a central platform, tmconnect streamlines the buying and selling process. Consumers are able to track latest developments and all parties can use information on the secure system to make informed decisions.

Whatever your role, tmconnect puts you in control. Access the information you need, when you need it. Secure and easy-to-use, it's an indispensable tool for ensuring transactions stay on track.

: services

tmconnect's services can be used as you require them, giving you the flexibility to harness the right features at the right time on any project:

Online forms

Send paperwork immediately and cost-free to clients (e.g. fixtures and fittings and property information forms) using online forms.

Work distribution

Distribute work to a panel of conveyancers or other parties based on a range of preconfigured criteria such as work type, value, supplier capacity or geographic location.

Management Information

Monitor progress across a range of transactions to identify trends and manage workloads effectively by spotting where best to put resource.

Document collaboration

Share and track documents for comment and information.

Document bank

Create and configure standard welcome pack documents to be sent automatically.

Quote Conversion Tool

Respond to telephone or online quote requests in seconds and with accurate pricing.

Electronic data and searches

Access the latest data, whether for estate agency marketing packs or conveyancing search services.

Milestone tracking

Track pre-defined milestones and update other parties.

Consumer Portal

Invite the consumer to a secure place online to manage their transaction and monitor progress.


Send and receive secure messages to other parties in the transaction.

White label

Introduce your branding to provide a consistent digital consumer journey.


Create and allocate tasks to other parties in the transaction, such as "upload copies of ID".

: case study

Connells Case Study Our customer Connells Group, one of the largest estate agents in the UK, acquired the Peter Alan Estate Agency business in South Wales in 2014. At the time, all 29 Peter Alan branches were using a third party panel manager for their Conveyancing proposition. Having used tmconnect for many years, Connells Group conveyancing services rely on us to give them complete visibility of their transactions, as well as direct control of the MI reporting and data.

Connells chose to migrate all 29 Peter Alan branches to tmconnect within 3 months which included bespoke Welsh conveyancing panel for Peter Alan, managed by Connells Group on their behalf.

"I was impressed by the enthusiasm and the proactive approach tmgroup took to this particularly demanding challenge. As a result, this project was our first big success story from our acquisition, with immediate financial benefit to Peter Alan. tmgroup were at the heart of it.

"From being a search provider to the legal industry, tmgroup has now evolved its range of services to become an indispensable supplier to our estate agency business, whether supplying information for marketing packs, instructing our home conveyancing service, supporting panel management, secure document delivery, or sales progression."

Roger Wilson - Conveyancing Services Director, Connells Group

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