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tmconvey : risk management

Save time – don't do it!

Our comprehensive suite of risk management tools help make sure you won't be "doing time" for failing to comply with regulators

As a specialist service provider, we understand that property transactions have an inherent element of risk. Criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their approach so it's vital that you protect yourself and your clients.

Our comprehensive suite of risk management tools lets you operate with confidence without holding up your processes. From protection against fraud and money laundering to ensuring your client is safeguarded against future legal disputes, risk can be mitigated and processes streamlined with our powerful tools. We're always updating and fine-tuning our services, so you can be confident our extensive range of solutions means you stay one step ahead.

: risk alerts

Risk Alerts

If your client uncovers a problem with their property after they've moved in, this can lead to litigation. To protect you and your clients we've developed a sophisticated risk alerts system.

Search Alerts are designed to help you comply with the terms of the CML Handbook. tmgroup will alert you if our data indicates that you should consider ordering searches from any of the following categories:

  • Coal mining
  • Mining and Ground stability
  • Energy and Infrastructure

In addition the tmgroup platform will also alert you if a potential hazard is identified by any of the integrated third party suppliers below;

  • Groundsure
    Search categories that are alerted: Flood, Energy and Infrastructure, mining and ground stability
  • Landmark
    Search categories that are alerted: Flood, Energy and Infrastructure, mining and ground stability
  • Planval (Searches Online)
    Search category that is alerted: Coal mining, Mining and Ground stability
  • Terrafirma
    Search category that is alerted: Coal mining, Mining and Ground stability
  • The Coal Authority
    Search categories that are alerted: Past, present and future coal mining activity and other coal mining related risks

Search alerts are also provided in the form of expiry warnings on Land Registry searches due to expire in the next 7 days for OS1, OS2, K15 and K16.

: lawyer checker

Lawyer Checker This software guards against mortgage fraud and provides vital information on the vendor conveyancer. It will identify if there is a track record of previous use associated with the account. If there isn't, or the account is not well known, Lawyer Checker can carry out checks on more than 10 databases to help you assess whether it's safe to send your client's money to the account.

Account and Entity Screen

This service provides an immediate check against the Lawyer Checker database with an additional level of diligence where an entity is not well known by the Lawyer Checker system.

  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Comprehensive database checks
  • Safeguards against genuine human error
  • Immediate Response plus further reaearch within four working hours if a result raises concerns

Further manual research by Lawyer Checker is carried out to provide an accurate, up-to-date report on the entity you have searched against. Checks include:

  • Roll of solicitors/conveyancers
  • Companies House information
  • ICO Data Protection Register
  • FSA Registers
  • Land Registry Transfers of Value lists
  • Sort code look-up
  • Streetview

: anti-money laundering

Anti Money Laundering

Our advanced systems allow you to verify an applicant in minutes. Fully compliant multiple, approved and independent data sources give you access to real-time customer due diligence screening and data from over 150 countries. You can access:

  • Personal Risk Assessment (Simplified Due Diligence)
  • Personal Risk Assessment (Enhanced Due Diligence)
  • Non-Personal Risk Assessment (Simplified Due Diligence)
  • Non-Personal Risk Assessment (Enhanced Due Diligence)

Our solution uses positive and negative checks against customer information to verify identity and filter against international databases, to help firms maintain full compliance with Anti-Money Laundering Regulations.

  • No specialist training required
  • No minimum order
  • 'Compliant' or 'Non-Compliant' results provide immediate decision information
  • Provides peace of mind that the necessary checks have been done
  • Complies with The European Union's Fourth Anti‐Money Laundering Directive (EU4MLD), implemented into UK law as of 26th June 2017 – and many other requirements including: The Law Society, The Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) and Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG)
  • Compliance tools, including fully automated risk assessments, real‐time compliance reporting, conflict checking, documentary evidence management, on‐going due diligence monitoring, and automated record keeping
  • Suitable for face-to-face or back office decisions
  • Fully integrated within the new tmconvey platform
  • Simple to use and intuitive
  • Access to extensive and unique data sources including credit data
  • Audit trail (when resolving non-compliant results)

: JET checkout

This efficient, online solution available through tmconvey keeps you compliant with the ever-changing requirements in the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) Handbook Part 2s.

There are more than 100 different mortgage lenders in the UK; using the JET system ensures you meet their requirements, which can change on a daily basis. It takes a lot of time to check you've covered yourself in every instance – you've also got to prove you complied with the lender's requirements at the time – potentially tricky many years down the line if there's a dispute.

If you fail to address a lender's requirements during the transaction you could be sued by the lender for the full value of the mortgage or your firm could be removed from the lender panel. The system is quick and easy to use; spend just 10 minutes of each transaction completing JET's simple workflow to be confident that you've complied with the lender's latest terms and conditions.

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