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tmconvey : quote conversion tool

Quote in less than 30 seconds

Produce a professional, accurate quote in 30 seconds using our Quote Conversion Tool

Dealing with new business enquiries can be challenging and time consuming. To simplify the process, we've developed our Quote Conversion Tool. As part of tmconvey, it aligns with our property search services and risk management tools, creating a powerful online platform to help you manage property transactions.

It's so simple, you can be rest assured that your entire team will be empowered to handle new enquiries and convert new clients confidently

In less than 30 seconds, you have an accurate, professional quote branded with your firm's details and logo and ready to email. Once a quote has been created, it's simple to convert the quote into an active case and order the required searches and related products.

It provides accurate location-based pricing for property searches based on the law firm's preset template; during the quote additional items can be added as and when required.

Create, send and track conveyancing quotes quickly and easily using our free tool to streamline your workflow, convert more business with confidence and empower your team.

: streamlined to save you time

The tool's simple step-by-step process saves you time on the phone, ensuring you're spending more time where your expertise is needed most.

In a stretched conveyancing department, our dynamic tool intelligently asks relevant questions pertaining to that transaction, meaning you're only a few clicks away from emailing a detailed quote.

: convert and track

Quote Tool Graph

Clients want to hear from experts. This quote tool lets you quickly quote for your services while helping you put into words why you're the conveyancer with all the answers.

Converting more business is about building a rapport with your client and showing a personal interest; our handy tips will help you achieve this. The Quote Conversion Tool also helps you monitor your conversion rate to track your success.

: a process that empowers your team

The step-by-step guide prompts you to ask your prospective client a few key questions. It quickly produces a quote for your services, including applicable property searches, so anyone in the department can easily master customer quotes.

This easy-to-use quote conversion tool does the hard work, putting you and your colleagues in control and delivering a consistently expert customer service.

: professional follow ups made simple

Make the most of the huge flexibility in creating bespoke, branded, clear communications to back up the work you do on the phone. Create pre-set email templates using our intuitive editing tool. Personalise your communications with your firm's logo and other components, so you really stand out from the crowd.

Include any supporting documents and make any last minute adjustments as needed before sending the quote at the touch of a button.

: research

31% of conveyancing firms fail to quote

In 2015 we conducted a mystery shop of 100 conveyancing firms to see how they handle new business enquiries. The whitepaper identifies some of the challenges conveyancers have with quoting and recommends 11 areas that can improve conversion rates.

To read more about how you can effectively quote new business, read the report:
Customer Service Home Truths

: contact us

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