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tmconvey : post-completion

Post Completion from tmgroup


Our clear, quick and complete submission forms make even more time for you

With HMRC and Land Registry taking proactive measures to improve SDLT & AP1 submission times – including plans to reduce the SDLT payment window to 14 days – the pressure is mounting on conveyancers to find new ways to meet tighter deadlines.

This is why we’ve added integrated Post-Completion services to tmconvey.

No more paper forms! Now integrated into our tmconvey platform, our clear, quick and complete SDLT & AP1 submission forms save your team time by reducing the chore of double entry across your firm, decreasing the risk of AP1s being cancelled, making it easy for your team to calculate stamp duty fees, limiting the number of requisitions your firm receives and more!

: key features

Key Features
  • : Compliant software vendor for HMRC and Land Registry
  • : Every search, SDLT form and AP1 submission all in the same place
  • : Smart forms and prepopulated case details have submissions completed in minutes
  • : Built in validation and error checking
  • : Automated audit trail for SDLT & AP1
  • : SDLT calculator for quick and reliable access to stamp duty fees
  • : Visible status updates, requisitions and conversations with Land Registry
  • : ‘Impending cancellation date’ reminders to reduce the risk of AP1s being cancelled
  • : Easy navigation with clear signposting
  • : COMING SOON : Integrated Land Transaction Tax (LTT) submission

: request a demo

Request a demo!

If you would like to find out more about our Post-Completion services, please get in touch and we’ll arrange a demo especially for you.

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: what our customers say

Thomson Snell & Passmore

Submitting SDLT forms is much easier on tmconvey, as it pulls through information from the case such as the property address, which is good. I like the layout of the SDLT form too, which makes it easier for our fee earners and our clients to understand, so they can approve the information easily.

It’s also great that the SDLT form is half the size, which is a bonus when we’re working towards becoming paper light, but still need to print SDLT forms off for our records for the time being.

It’s then good that by the time you get to the AP1 form, and have already completed your searches and your SDLT, it copies across the agent details, property address, and copies across the SDLT5 too – so you don’t have to scan and save.

Anna Connett, Legal Secretary (Residential Conveyancing) at Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP


Transparent requisitions

Clear time stamps and status updates help you monitor every requisition and conversation with the Land Registry. Users can also login and check the status of any submission, as well as reply to requisitions – all from within tmconvey.

SDLT calculator

Our online SDLT calculator is not only easy to use, but is always kept up to date with the latest legislation changes, so even the newest members of your team can pay stamp duty fees with confidence.

Simple forms

Progressing through our SDLT & AP1 submission forms is easy and can be completed in minutes, with prepopulated case details and logically numbered sections, as well as a dedicated page for attaching and ordering supporting documents.


Full Validation

By only presenting the fields your team members need to populate, alongside full validation, our intelligent forms dramatically reduce the risk of sections being missed and errors being made – limiting the number of requisitions your firm receives.

Direct submission

tmgroup are a compliant software vendor for HMRC and Land Registry, so our SDLT & AP1 forms are always up to date, and submitted directly to them – without incurring any delays or additional costs. If anything, it’s even quicker.

‘Cancellation’ reminders

Our ‘impending cancellation date’ reminders prompt users to close an unanswered requisition and complete their AP1 submission – before it is cancelled – helping you reduce the number of re-submissions your team makes across the year.


Reduced double-entry

By completing everything all in the same place, users benefit from shared information and prepopulated fields across their SDLT & AP1 submissions – reducing the time it takes to complete multiple forms, and the need to visit multiple websites.

Audit trail

From ‘submitted’ to ‘requisition request’, you can track every SDLT & AP1 submission status across your team – and even multiple offices – with our automated audit trail, for improved visibility and peace of mind.

Secured data

All of your firm’s AP1 and SDLT data is held securely in an encrypted database, so any passwords and other sensitive information cannot be viewed by tmgroup employees – or anyone else.

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