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tmconvey : LR extract tool

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Turn 2 days work into a 15 minute task with our unique portfolio service

Ordering title numbers and OC1 documents from the Land Registry can be an arduous and time-consuming task, particularly as part of a large property portfolio. Our new portfolio service could transform how you do it.

The LR Extract tool is a flexible online service, available through tmconvey, which orders titles and OC1s on any number of properties for you in minutes. You can then export the data easily to spreadsheet or PDF for further use as many times as you need to. This tool is designed to save you time and reduce risk and is built around the way that you work.

: how it can help

Saves Time

Ordering titles and OC1s on a typical portfolio of 100 properties could take up to 2 days to process – but it takes just 15 minutes with us and removes the need for a sunk processing cost in your business.

Reduces Risk

The data is extracted from the Land Registry and automatically exported into an easy-to-use format which puts an end to manual copying & pasting and the potential for human error.


The service has been independently audited and endorsed by Legal Eye - one of the UK’s leading legal compliance and risk management experts - giving you peace of mind that the service is 100% accurate and reliable.

24/7 Access

Orders auto-queue outside of the Land Registry’s operating hours, so you can get on with other matters, safe in the knowledge that the order is being processed.

Bespoke Service

We don’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach; it’s available as a DIY tool or as a fully managed service by tmgroup and is tailored to your specific requirements.

: audited by legal eye

Legal Eye Logo

"Legal Eye (subsidiary of ULS Group) conducted an extensive audit of the tm LR Register Extract Service. The information was cross-referenced with the Official Copies (OC1s) and the data was 100% accurate.

The audit has shown that the service is able to accurately pull through the exact information from the registers onto its portal so as to make it more user friendly and accessible to its clients.

The tm summary screen gives a helpful indicator to detailed information contained within the OC1 which lawyers can then refer to. In our opinion lawyers should feel satisfied that the information provided on screen via the LR feed matches the information relied upon in the OC1s"

Juanita Gobby, Managing Director - Legal-Eye Ltd

: key features

Key LRE Features
  • : Portfolio address checker
  • : Teamview with multiple user accounts
  • : Extract Land Registry title numbers to our portfolio manager
  • : Manage the portfolio data to identify freehold, leasehold, duplicate or multiple title numbers
  • : Batch order OC1 documents
  • : Automatically extract key data from the OC1 to the portfolio manager
  • : Export all or just some of the data as many times as you need to CSV or PDF
  • : Data is securely backed-up by tmgroup

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