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tmconvey : integrations

Integrations with tmgroup


We’re always listening to our customers to make sure our integration partnerships are developed
around your needs, so we can make even more time for you and your team.

Our integration partnerships combine the time-saving capabilities of tmconvey and
Case Management Systems (CMS), whilst also reducing the need to rekey information.

Direct Access

Direct access to tmconvey from within your CMS, simply by clicking a button and confirming your login credentials.

Prepopulated case details

Through CMS integration, your case will automatically be created in tmconvey with prepopulated matter data – kick-starting the search ordering process, as well as supporting your SDLT & AP1 submissions.

Results returned to your CMS

All relevant documents ordered through tmconvey will be sent back into your CMS, saving your team from the manual task of uploading them.

Save time in every transaction

By supporting integration partnerships, we make sure your firm can continue to use your chosen CMS, whilst also benefitting from tmconvey’s simple, integrated design, which cuts the time and effort it takes to complete the conveyancing transaction.

No disruption to your financial processes

For peace of mind and simplicity, you will continue to receive disbursement costs directly through tmconvey, so there will be no disruption to your current financial processes with tmconvey OR your CMS.

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As a leading IT solutions provider, we’re the experts in innovative solutions that enable simplification and automation across the breadth of the property transaction. Speak to us today about how our integration partnerships can make even more time for you.

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returning search results directly back into your CMS

With data being shared between your CMS and tmconvey, the results of all ordered searches will automatically be passed back from tmconvey into your CMS.

This will help your firm to save time, as well as reduce the risk of error, by removing the need to manually attach returned search results in your CMS and creating a single point of information.

reducing errors with less rekeying

You will only need to add your case details once, as they will be prepopulated across your search orders and Post-Completion tasks in tmconvey – saving you time rekeying information across tmconvey and your CMS.

By passing all relevant data across on your behalf, you will also automatically see a case in tmconvey and be able to simply order your searches as normal.

adapting around your needs to make time for you and your team

We offer a personalised approach to integration, listening to our customers and developing our integration in partnership with your CMS and your firm.

Whatever your firm needs, let us know and we’ll do our very best to work with your CMS provider to make our integrations work for you. It’s just another way we make time for you.

making SDLT & AP1 submission even quicker

Complementing our integrated Post-Completion services, our CMS integrations speed up every search order, SDLT & AP1 submission simply by creating and prepopulating your case details.

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